On Performing


They say that prayer is communion with God, and while I totally agree with this, I also like to add that for me, singing is also communion with God. Especially when you sing from the heart. Singing in my church choir has always been my favorite activity and I couldn’t imagine my life without it. Especially when we sing worship songs, the feeling is even more exalted. I know everyone in my choir feels like this, so every time it’s very special – it’s a communal experience that it’s just so touching. After choir practice, I always feel so good!

In my community, we have an annual spring festival called Blossom Thee. This is probably our favorite event of the year! The pastor of our church always makes sure to organize it differently each year, so that’s why it’s so exciting! It lasts two days and there are all sorts of activities during those 48 hours.

During the day there are activities for children, like puppet shows, face painting, flower-wreath contests and the like. But everyone’s favorite is the toilet toss. Last year my little cousin was the grand winner, so one of the prizes she got was this new toilet seat. Funny, I know! It’s a private joke in my family now and the toilet seat is covered in confetti and neatly hanged in their basement as an art piece. Lol!

It’s the evening activities that most of us are excited about, especially me and my choir mates, because we usually perform every year. Last year we performed with a band for the first time and it was so exciting, it fueled my love for singing even more! I love performing. Some of us are soloists in the choir sometimes, depending on the song, and this year I’m one of them. My heart is pounding so fast when I think about it!

Usually, I’m not nervous before a performance. I’ve known my choir mates for years, some since we were kids, and I’m very comfortable around them. We’ve got each other’s backs. But I always get a little nervous when it comes to Blossom Thee. I don’t know why. Maybe because it’s the favorite event of the year and everyone’s always in a good mood, so the pressure (and the excitement!) is higher.

But, not to worry. We like to do a collective prayer before any performance and this always makes me feel better!