Singing is Pure Joy!


God is good, that is for sure. There are so many things I give Him thanks for every single day. I especially thank the Lord for music, and for allowing me the ability to sing. I have not found anything else that lifts my heart like singing. It makes all the difference in my life. If I am feeling down or sad, I sing and pray and feel my burdens lighten. Singing enriches everything in my life. The church choir is like a second family, it gives me purpose, it is a service to my God, and it also brings me happiness. Music is an art form and it is so pure when we are lifting that song up to the Heavens. It brings me such joy just thinking about it.

I try to sing just about whenever I can. On my commute to school, after classes at my job, while I am doing tedious chores like folding laundry or washing the floors. Singing makes dull activities feel like they take less of my time and heightens my joy when I am doing something enjoyable. I am so blessed that it is something easy for me to do just about any time I want.

My favorite thing about singing is singing during church services. It brings the whole community together in such a beautiful way. I love being able see everyone from where I stand during service each week. It feels so good to see smiling faces throughout the congregation. For those of you who might be a little hesitant, I will let you in on a secret: you don’t have to be a great singer to sing in church, and it won’t affect how much joy it can bring you! All that is required of you is to join in.

In this world where we seem to value all the things we have over what we can do for each other, I have found that my singing can bring others joy as well. And that is something everyone can use more of. God has graced me with this talent and it would be wrong not to share it with those around me. Music brings people together and what better messages are there to send than the Words and praises of our Lord? It reaches people in a way that reading the bible or sitting through a homily can’t. That’s not to say reading scripture or listening to a good sermon don’t move me, but music has always felt like a direct connection between me and God. And that makes it pure joy.

Do you have anything in your life that makes you just light up with love and life? I really hope that you do, and I would love to hear about it in the comments.