A Gift From God


We are each obligated to promote our God and his good works. Some of us do missionary work. Some of us preach, lead Bible study, or work with a youth group. And some of us sing.

Every Sunday growing up, I would see members of the congregation up there in their robes, their beautiful voices calling out to God and inspiring every person inside the building. When I was real little, I thought they were angels, that is how lovely they sounded. When Mama told me that they were not angels but real people who attend this church just like me, I could not believe it.

“Could I be one of them, Mama?”

And bless my Mama, she was never one to discourage me. I may have been only six years old at the time, but she was already teaching me that I could be anything I wanted. She told me that I could absolutely be a singer in the church choir.

I joined the chorus at school to learn what I could about reading music and singing techniques. Instead of asking for presents for my birthdays, I asked for singing lessons (my brothers thought I was crazy). While other kids were out riding their bikes, I learned breath control and the importance of good posture.

I could not wait to try out to be one of them. I wanted to stand up there in front of everyone and sing my praises to the Lord as part of a beautiful harmony. The night before my tryout, I sang my audition piece, Holy Holy Holy, for my parents. Mama cried. Daddy’s smile was so big I thought his face would crack in two. They were so proud of me and told me that I had a gift from God, and that I should share it with the world.

My audition went well, but I didn’t make the choirmaster cry like when Charlette joined the choir four years ago. Mama told me that I shouldn’t be in competition with anybody else and that the important thing was that I made the choir. Pride goeth before the fall, Daddy reminded me. They were right, of course, but it is hard when you’re young and you want to do a good job.

Now I get to wear the robes and sing in the choir. I like to look around the pews and see my friends and family watching me sing, seeing their smiling faces lifted up to the Lord. I enjoy seeming people feel so moved by the music that they sway in their row or even dance in the aisle. My favorite is singing Christmas carols and honoring the birth of Baby Jesus. The whole church is filled with such love and warmth that it makes my voice even stronger and brighter.

Maybe there is even a little girl looking up at me in my robe and thinking one day she would like to be a singing angel too.