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Rainbows of Promise

The day I have longed for is nigh,
I never thought I would even try.
To join with one in wedded bliss,
But I knew from the very first kiss.

So unlike any man I have known
With so much love we have grown.
It crept up on me in such a way
It's hard to remember the day.

I was going through life's motions
As if being on a wave in the ocean.
Ebbing in and out with disbelief
That one could take me like a thief.

Steal my emotions right out of my soul
Leaving me feeling so fulfilled and whole.
My days of loneliness would be gone,
As soon we will enter our new home.

The rainbow of promise is painting the sky
With dreams of adventure for he and I.
Each hue is a sign of his love so true
His honesty and trust are painted there too.

It's arch that goes across the horizon
Is bright and aglow like the sun rising.
The love that we have can not compare
To anything else, that we may share.

So here we are on the brink of our day
To join hand in hand in a special way.
As you put the circle of gold on my finger,
I pledge that my love will always linger.

The rainbow of promise is ours to keep,
Dream of its beauty as we fall asleep.
The colors of life are ours to behold,
The radiant beams of the rainbow so bold.

Written By Shy
2004 December 27 ©

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