Love and Heartstrings

My Heartstrings you play so well,
From the start it was easy to tell,
You were going to be my only love,
We fit together as hand and glove.

Close watch you keep on my heart,
Your love to me you do impart.
It's a sweet and glorious melody,
And there for all the world to see.

Our hearts beat to a different drum,
As upon the strings you do strum.
Gently wound together, and entwined,
Two heartbeats, but one of a kind.

Together forever as it should be,
And even on into eternity.
A love like ours is oh so sweet,
And with your love I am complete.

You play the tunes and sing the songs,
As in your heart I do belong.
You are my love from years gone by,
Love of my life I can't deny.

2005 January 11

Dedicated to my husband..

Song of Solomon:2~4
His banner over me was love.





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