When A Man Loves A Woman

You've given so much more
Than I could have asked for
Like the word's in 'our' song
When a man loves a woman she can
Do no wrong

My love grows stronger each passing year
As your love takes me to a higher sphere
Your arms do hold me so close to your heart
There's nothing that could bring us to part

I have chosen well, my only love
You're a treasure I'll never let go of
There's nothing you wouldn't do for me
Your sweet love came with that guarantee

Beloved, honest, and true
I do so appreciate these traits in you
And you know the beat of my heart
Brought to life as love you did impart

For this I'll always be thankful to you
I had no idea love could be held so true
You won my heart and all I have to give
Yes you're the beat of my heart, the reason I live

2006 June 19

Dedicated to my Husband with all my Love.

Scripture: Song of Solomon: 2 ~ 4
His banner over me was love.


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Song: "When A Man Loves A Woman"
Courtesy of Jerry's Jukebox


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