Silver and Gold and Thee Presents ~*~A Meadow Of Music~*~



A Meadow of Music

A meadow of music
Flowing on the breeze,
Pouring dew on the roses,
Fluttering the leaves.

Sunshine singing the lightest tune,
Shade trees humming in baritone.
Wild flowers scattering as they do their dance
...A meadow of music...
...A place for romance...

Come walk into this meadow with me
Forget all the worries that are plaguing you
Raise your head to the heavens, listen with glee!
Hear the music that' softly drifts through.

Sing with the joy of your soul's delight.
Harmonize with me, let worry take flight.
Lord, Bless this place of our perfect romance,
Let go your inhibitions, come on, dear,
~ Let's Dance ~


Psalms 33: 1~ 3
Rejoice in the LORD, O ye righteous:
for praise is comely for the upright.
Sing unto him a new song.






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