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Harbor Lights

There's a soft summer breeze stirring
The sweet scent of the sea.
As I look out over the harbor,
Wishing you were here with me.

You are so far away,
Almost in a foreign land.
There's so many miles between us,
It seems more than I can stand.

We've spent so many hours
Here under the harbor lights.
Watching them sell their catch,
Late into the night.

I turn to walk away,
Memories of you still on my mind.
Knowing you are missing me too,
Thankful our hearts are intertwined.


From Corinthians: 13

Love bears all things
~ believes all things ~ hopes all things ~ endures all things.


Song: "Harbor Lights"
Sequenced By:
ŠSal Grippaldi a.k.a. Redsal
Midi from: Smick and Smoodoo


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