I recall a vacation of my youth, and they were very few of those, as
my Grandparent's whom I lived with at that time, were hard working
people and didn't have much time for that sort of play! Granddad was
a farmer and you know the 'little farmer' has always had to work
harder than most...

But this particular year that we went on vacation I was around seven
or eight years old...We drove what seemed thousands of miles, but
actually was only a couple of hundred, to go camping near a beautiful lake
for a few days...

I had no idea till then that Granddad loved to fish! But Oh, he did
just love it! And Grandmother would cook those fish over an open
campfire, in a huge old iron skillet, and would make the most wonderful
hush puppies to go with them...

We would go out in the water and play around, I would never go far
because I hadn't learned to swim then... The water was so clear you
could see the tiny fish swimming around there near the edge, if
I would stand there very still, they would nudge my legs, I guess
to see if it was something they could eat...

It is a simple thing in my memory, this particular vacation and this
beautiful picture brought those days to my memory...Many evenings
we would watch the sun go down and color the lake so beautifully as
Granddad would tell stories of his youth...And as a final blessing of
the day Grandmother would read from the bible the wonderful stories
about our Sweet Savior...

We would sing the old hymns that still bring back bittersweet
memories when I hear them...

The end of the day would be a time of sharing our feelings about the
events of the day, and as an end, we had prayers, and a time of giving
thanks to Jesus...Sweet Grandparent's, how I loved them.

Precious memories, Oh how they do linger...I thank God not only for
those memories, but for the ability to remember them!

...golden days...

...Thank You Jesus...







Music: "We'll Meet Again"
Sequenced By:
Grandpa Schober
Used With His Permission, and My Thanks


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