As I look back over my life, I can honestly say
that family has always meant more to me than
anything on this earth, but my first love is and
always has been our
Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ.

I remember loving the old time TV programs that
portrayed family as a very *perfect* unit where
mom & dad never argued or has differences of
opinion. Things just sort of were always perfect
and everyday went pretty smooth. There was

Leave It To Beaver,
Father Knows Best,
The Partridge Family,
Little House on The Prairie,
and many more.

It would have been so nice if life was more like this.
I'll bet it would have made God so much happier.
Being as nave as I have always been, I grew up
thinking this must be the way life is supposed to be.
What a rude awakening I was about to get! I
remember praying a lot as a little girl for God to
make our family life better and easier for
mom & dad.

I have always believed that Family was the very
best gift that you can ever receive from God.
My three daughters are the love of my life.
When I married my Dear Husband I acquired
three more children and along the way we adopted
another girl, who turned 12 about 1 week after
the adoption.

We have been licensed foster parents for over 26
years now and we have literally had hundreds of
children living in our home. Wow!
What a family.

Thomas Moore said, "Where there is room in the
heart, there is always room in the house."

Our children mean the world to us but the real
joy comes when the grandchildren come, then the
great-grandchildren. You are so busy caring for
and providing for your own children that you
never get to realize the real joy of children until
you become a grandparent. By that time in your
life you have more time, but your energy level is
not as high as it could be and illness' set in.

It always helps if you can maintain a closeness in
proximity so that you can be together often for
family gatherings, but I know now that many times
this cannot happen for many reasons. Thank God
for e-mails and phone calls..

I believe very strongly in positive parenting, so I
have always believed that children have more need
of good role models than critics. I truly believe a
child will live out what they hear at home. If they
are praised their self esteem will be good and if they
are criticized a lot they will have low self esteem.

Rose Kennedy said,
"Life isn't a matter of milestones but of moments."
So make the very most of every moment that you
have with your family, especially your children.
Once they are grown it is a little too late to be
trying to teach them morals and standards. Life is
way too short so make the very most of your
blessings today.

Grandchildren and great-grand children are so
very precious, a very special part of every family.
Enjoy every day that you have with them. I like what
Erma Bombeck said, "If I had known grand
children were going to be so much fun, I would have
had them first."

If becoming a grandmother was a matter of choice,
I would advise everyone of you to become one
right away. There is no fun for old people like it!

This page is dedicated to all our precious
grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Author: Delilah M. (Dede) Haas
February 04 2006



This is used with Dede's
permission. Please respect the
copyright and contact her if you
wish to use it!



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