I remember the good days when my Daddy got his
milking machines for our cows. He would milk the
cows, along with my three brothers every morning
and every night. Then we got to keep the cream
from the top, to churn our homemade butter.

Mama would make corn bread or biscuits to have
with the butter.

We always had a homemade cake or apple pie after our
supper meal and a piece left for Daddy's lunch the next day.

If we had company for supper, Mama and some of
the older kids would make homemade Ice Cream to
go with the dessert.

It was not easy to make Ice Cream back then, but
that never did stop my Mama and Daddy from
always sharing what little they had with others.

We always had food to go around and plenty for
others that dropped in unexpected..

The old home place was always clean, and well kept
even thought we didn't have fancy furniture or
other things.

But we did have plenty of food and fun and lots of
laughter to go around. I can see my brothers sitting
on the fence as if it was only a short time ago.

I am so happy to have my good precious memories of
those days on the farm.

Mama had a nice big garden too that she always
picked fresh corn and green beans for supper.
Then we got to have our homemade butter on the
corn on the cob for supper too.

I can never recall not having homemade bread of
some kind for supper every night.

The boys always had to milk cows and then take a
bath and dress for supper.

The girls always helped Mama in the house with
cleaning, ironing all cotton clothes and getting a
bath in a old zinc bath tub.

We all had to be dressed for supper at our table
every meal. All of our meals were shared at the
round table with Mama and Daddy.

How I would love to go back to those days that
I remember the cows and homemade butter,
homemade cakes, pies and homemade Ice Cream

But I will always keep these Precious Memories
close in my heart.

There is nothing like being raised in a home like
we were raised.

Respect for our Parents, and Respect for ourselves,
and we always had to show respect for others.

I thank Mama and Daddy for teaching us our values
in our lives, from the Bible that was read to us.

I'm so glad to share a glimpse into my past with you...
God bless you..



Scripture from: Romans 8:28

And we know that all things work together for
good to those who love God, to those who are
the called according to His purpose.

This is used with Carolyn's permission.
Please respect the copyright and
contact her if you wish to use it!




Song: "Yesterday"
Sequenced By:
Harry Todd The Gitpicker
Used with permission and My Thanks


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