What Can Lift A Heart

What can lift a heart so troubled sore
When life presses heavy and joy's no more
Can anything a wounded spirit truly mend
As the gentle touch of a caring friend

This ode to a friend is so special to me, I'll tell you why
It's written for three caring ladies, Reno, Siggy and Shy

© Roger Eugene Corell
October 2, 2006

Too Busy to Make That Call

This morning I saw in the paper where an old friend had passed away
You know, I never forgot them, always planned to get in touch some day
I was forever too busy to make that call, kept putting it out of my mind
Now at my age procrastination is a thief, slowly stealing my friends I find

So take my advice, learned from experience, today given sadly to you
Don’t put off making these thought of connections that are long over due
Time marches on and steals many things we think will last forever but won't
So call or write that letter, an old friend may slip away from you if you don't

© Roger Eugene Corell
September 13, 2006

This morning in the local paper I read of the passing of an old friend
whom I had worked with in high school. What fun we had in the long
ago days. I have never forgotten this person and always plan to get in
touch with her. She had, as a young woman, moved to California with
her husband. She had and still does many relatives living in my area
and I could easily found her if I had tried. I did think about getting in
touch with her many times but for some reason never did. And now,
unless she was mentally telepathic, she will never know how many
times I thought about her. I hope we meet again in heaven so I
can explain my procrastinating behavior. But then, she will have
to explain hers!




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