Charleston, South Carolina,
A beautiful place to live.
History all around you,
And so much to give.

If you want to live close
In a quiet part of the city
Near the battery I suppose
Never happen, what a pity.

In the historical district
Is what I had in mind.
Close to the Cooper River
Would really be fine.

A lovely neighborhood,
Along a deadened street.
Was the quaintest cottage
So pristine and neat.

With stucco walls off white
With a gated entrance
It was just a delight,
Wisteria up the walls traced.

As if an artist had brushed
And left a purple beauty there.
With a fragrance you can't rush,
Wait, breathe deep, it's in the air.

Pots of ivy embrace the entry
Welcoming you to come in.
What a lovely site to see
Like a painting on a canvas skin.

The memory lingers in my mind
Of the scenes of that day,
Alas, another place, another time
The wisteria cottage is there to stay.

Shirley (Shy) Barr
© 2005 September 14

Scripture: Psalms 9: 1

I will praise thee, O LORD, with
my whole heart; I will shew forth
all thy marvelous works.

This poem is used with Shirley's
permission. Please respect the
copyright and ask her if you
wish to use it.


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