I lived for many years in Nevada,
And would see wild horses running free.
As the years rolled by there were
fewer and fewer herds.
And that broke my heart...

A master of the hills
Wild stallion~~~ running free
Claiming what God had given him:
Dignity and liberty.

The mares ran at his bidding,
The colts frolicking behind,
Territory to be covered
Food and water he must find.

The snows that came in winter
Upon the mountains tall
Led him to the valleys
For his herd, he gave his all.

The valleys had strange creatures
Like he had never known
They rode on the backs of his brothers,
Roped his mares, and drug them home.

They raced into the glen
His eyes were wild with fear
His herd was cut in half
He sensed the end was near.

He turned to face the attacker
Ears laid back ~~~ kicking high
The ropes surrounded his neck and legs
He looked up toward the sky.

He fought with mighty fury
His freedom to maintain.
Surrendering was not an option
In the heart of this Wild stallion.

He died where he had fallen,
A master of the hills,
And the world lost the beauty
That his majesty fulfilled.

2005 May 26









Music: Those Country Days

Composed by: Bill Sandy - Mystifying Music
Copyright 2002 - All Rights Reserved
Used With Permission


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