The Wedding Gown

O Perfect Love: Jane's Wedding-1878

I sang the song, as momma sewed
Upon my Wedding Gown,
Every stitch by hand,
From the high neckline
To the full skirt tumbling down.

To touch the floor and hide
The flat slippers I would wear
Because he isn't much taller than me,
But I love him, beyond compare!

He is darkly handsome,
With such piercing eyes,
Quiet, and yet, Oh, So strong!
While he courted me, he was so
kind I know that with him is
where I do belong.

O perfect Love, the song begins
and Perfect Love is what I need
For Jesus to bless this wedding
And to all my prayers, pay heed!

The puffy sleeves are set in place,
With beading all around,
And pearly buttons,
Caught by loops of lace,
Are on my Wedding Gown.

I sing another verse, as momma sews
Each button into place,
She bows her head, as she works,
She prays, for my patience,
hope and Grace.

O Perfect Love: Janice's Wedding--1908

I am the one who's sewing now,
On this lovely gown of white
My momma sewed for me to wear,
My daughter Janice wears it tonight.

Just a stitch or two, to make it fit,
And as I sew, I sing,
The song that she has chosen,
O Perfect Love,
I hope You'll bring.

The same True Love that we have shared
Together, through the years,
Yes, we've had times of trials
And I've shed my share of tears.

But through it all we held on fast
To the love we always shared,
And made it through those toughest times,
With the Lord's help, He always cared!

And showed us that we could endure
Until the time one must gently lay
The other in the Savior's Arms.
My husband died six months ago, today.

But I'll not weep, for my daughter
Will begin her life anew,
And share this Gown, this song, this love,
That we have shown her can be true.

She's found a fine young man my Love,
He'll take care of her, I'm sure.
He's promised his undying love
All he has, He will give up for her.

O Perfect Love: Jessica's Wedding--1928

I'm singing now, as Janice sews
On the gown of snowy white,
She's shortened the sleeves
And changed the neckline,
"Plunging" it a might.

Jessica wanted to shorten the skirt,
Our granddaughters latest style,
But I got "tough" and said only when
I haven't been breathing for a while!

But she has chosen the same song,
That once was played for me,
O Perfect Love, I'm praying
That it will for ever be!

He wears a zuit suit
And a coat that's made of
Beaver skin,
And he has a job on Wall Street,
Lord, what will become of him?

But Grandma's worry "Way Too Much"
My Jessica says to me,
And she is just as happy
As she had ever hoped to be.

O Perfect Love 1929: Jessica's Tragedy

My Jessica sent a message
Her Husband was killed today
Oh----How the tear drops start.

We just found out she "was with child"
Only a month ago,
The road that she must travel now
Will be filled with tears and sorrow.

O Perfect Love: Julie's Wedding--1952

Jessica's sewing now, upon the gown
That her grandmother wore,
Made by her momma for her Wedding Day,
Been many years now, almost seventy-four.

I'm altering this dress
For our daughter born just
8 months after you went Home,
You didn't chose to go,
It was hard for me to learn to live alone.

I always felt your Love was near,
Whenever I needed you,
Giving birth to her
Helped me to see
I had to keep on living,
So she'd know you, too.

She was only seven when Grandma Died,
But she seemed to understand,
For she kissed her cheek
And asked Grandma to give
That kiss to you in Heaven's Land.

You'd be so proud of Julie, I know,
She's so beautiful, it true,
And educated, a Teacher now,
She and I have made it through
All those "Unknown morrows"
Voiced in "Our Song", O Perfect Love.
Julie will be singing that tomorrow,

And wearing her Great-Grandma's Gown,
It's been altered more, I know
The sleeves, gone now, which made me frown,
But she wanted to wear it,
Grandma's Wedding Gown!

And sing "Our Song", O Perfect Love,
She learned at Great-Grandma's knee,
and sang it for me when I felt sad,
It makes me happy as can be!

For she is marrying a minister,
I know their Life will be
Filled with God's Own, O Perfect Love,
Just like Grandma sang,
While her momma sewed,
On a gown of snowy white,
And Life goes on....and on, my dear,
And it seems to turn out right,

If we sing, O Perfect Love
And Pray that God,
With All His Might,
Will strengthen the
Commitment that we share
Upon our Wedding Day
Blessing each couple as the song is sung
And they set out on their way.

O Perfect Love.

©Karen Payne



For this cause shall a man
leave Father and Mother,
and shall cleave to his wife:
and they twain shall be one

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