Beautiful Poppies color and kind
Do you wonder at our Lord's mind?
The beauty He provides for our pleasure
He always  gives without measure

Poppy seeds are carried on the wind
And placed where they may begin
A new life for us to see
And revel in their golden beauty

Kissed by God with color so bold
Is this beautiful Poppy of gold
For the short time they do bloom
We have them by the volume

It's known as a state flower
Comes to life after spring showers
Golden mountainsides can be seen
Also the valleys in between

Wondrous beauty for the eye to behold
As it feasts on the mountains of pure gold
It's a pleasure beyond our dreams
Yes God has took it to the extreme


Scripture From Genesis 1:
And the earth brought forth grass,
and herb yielding seed after his
kind, and the tree yielding
fruit, whose seed was in itself,
after his kind: and God saw that
it was good.





The California state flower, California Poppy.
I took this photo on a hillside near
Temeculah, Ca.

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Sequenced By: Bill Basham
Used With Permission

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