It has been many years that have past,
 When we would go the watermelon patch.
 Grandpa would point them all out,
 So we'd get the ripe ones without a doubt.

 Lazy days of summer's end,
 With school days just around the bend.
 In the watermelon patch we could forget,
 Summer's ending and that dreadful threat!

 Remember how 'ol Blue would always act up?
 Loved the melons from the time he was a pup.
 If he could've figured out a way to open them,
 Grandpa wouldn't have thought he was such a gem!

 I'd love to go back to those days of old, 
 When to the watermelon patch we would go,
 To be there as the sun rose in the sky,
 And pick the melons before the dew was dry.

 Memories this old mind won't forget,
 Of sweet days when we knew no threats.
 Yes, life was simple back in those days,
 And people had such simple ways.

 The melon patch stands out in memories sweet,
 As we awoke those days to greet,
 The sweet aroma of fresh mown hay,
 In the field next to where Grandpa's melons lay.

 I loved when we got his truck bed full,
 And the last melon had been pulled.
 Off to the market we would go,
 And he'd barter as his melons he did show.

 It was always fun to hear them barter,
 Of the two Grandpa was the smarter.
 Always got his asking price,
 And gave the storekeeper a sweet invite.

 Just come to church to hear preacher Mac,
 Who always kept us on the right track.
 A watermelon feast we would have too,
 After church was all through.

 Closing out those summer days,
 With such fun we did play.
 Not worrying about what was around the bend,
 As school days we faced once again...



Scripture From Proverbs 17
A merry heart doeth good like a medicine




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