From my back porch, looking toward the east,
I watch as the sun rises , as it is still hidden
behind the mountain, far away. But the sky is a riot
of beautiful colors, glistening on the few clouds
over there..The beautiful pinks and purples chase
the yellows away, as the sun comes a bit higher.

My mind turns to my Lord, and what a blessing
He is unfolding before my eyes...Filling me
with wonder and awe, and thoughtfulness of
how Powerful He is..He is so beautiful and His
creations are also beautiful!

As I see just the edge of the sun as it rises,
over the mountian, the chickens begin to
awaken, and come off of their roost. The rooster
is crowing, and walking around so proud,
trying to impress his 'ladies'...And they aren't
paying him a bit of attention..
They are already singing, and scratching in
the dirt, and busy about their days business.

The birds are beginning to sing and flit around..
Much to my husbands distress, they love to
help the chickens eat their food! Almost
every time I see them in the chickens food
trough, I think of the scripture, where Jesus
speaks of taking care of the birds..
Our dog Sally, is laying in the yard, still being
lazy...Not ready to begin the day..

And as the sun climbs to the top of the mountain
and the last of the colors fade with it's rising,
I just want to lift my hands to my Lord
and praise Him, and thank Him for the blessings
He's so gracious and free with His blessings !

The "Free Gift Of Salvation,"
My life,
My Dear and Precious Family...
For My Wonderful Friends,
And For All Of You Who Are Reading This...

For this beautiful and colourful sunrise!
What a blessing He has put before me...

Thank You Lord Cause YOU are the most
Wonderful blessing of all!


Psalms 9: 1~2

I will praise thee, O LORD, with my whole heart;
I will show forth all thy marvellous works.
I will be glad and rejoice in thee: I will sing
praise to thy name, O thou most High.



Morning Has Broken
Sequenced By: Harry Todd
Used With Permission

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