Written because of this little child
who has more than touched my heart
She has took up residence there...

Taylor Nicole
My godchild
Born: November 23, 2006
10:03 PM
Weight 2 pounds ~ 13.4 inches long
Now weighs 3pounds 2 oz

She is a miracle that's for sure,
Born at six months ~ premature.
So tiny, such a wee little thing,
To life she does desperately cling.

Her body's full of battle scars.
She's fought her own private war.
A brave warrior from the start,
She's taken captive many a heart!

A godmother ~ that is what I am.
Into my heart Taylor Nicole is bound,
Intertwined with a love so sweet.
With no other, will she ever compete.

My one and only godchild, she will be.
My love for her brought me to my knees
Many prayers I have prayed
As she's fought and been so brave

Many miles lie between her and I,
And I may never see her eye to eye.
Yet in my heart she lays so sweetly,
And fills her place so completely.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Dedicated to: Taylor Nicole Manning


Psalm 139: 13

For You formed my inward parts, You
covered me in my mother's womb.










Photo's was sent by Shy





Song "Brahms Lullaby" Courtesy "Classical"



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