Autumn is here, and
It has come without delay!
Cooler weather it will bring
That will be a welcome thing.

Summers ending is so sweet
With events we do greet!
Country Fairs will abound
Bringing wonderful carnival sounds.

Clowns, and hawkers, wares to sell,
The noise increases as they all yell.
Clowns dressed in reds and greens
They all just want to be seen!

Farris wheel spinning round and round,
As folks do swarm down on the ground.
Kids darting here and there,
They all love the country Fair!

Corn on the cob, and Cotton Candy,
My 'O' My, we all think this is dandy!
Throwing darts at the balloons,
As they play their loud tunes.

While out of town on Granddads farm
The golden trees add such charm,
To the lovely lake that we love so
Where the water seems to glisten and glow.

Across the surface clouds do shimmer
As if made of glass they does glimmer.
The deer and wild life does abound,
They all come from miles around.

Our picnic days soon will end
As Autumn days God does send.
Sleigh rides aren't far away
But we'll save those for another day.

2005 August 30

Scripture From Daniel:

Daniel answered and said, Blessed be
the name of God for ever and ever:
for wisdom and might are his: And he
changes the times and the seasons:

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Song "Chill Of An Early Fall"  ~   Courtesy of Jack's Midis


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