Let it be the hidden person of the heart
with the imperishable jewel of a gentle
and quiet spirit, which in God's sight
is very precious.

1 Peter 3:4 RSV


Gentle, quiet spirit, my 'imperishable' jewel,
Daughter of my heart, my love, my friend,
Seeing love in your eyes offers me a renewal,
Your quiet spirit always makes amends.

How did I get to be so very Blessed
To have a daughter gracious as you are?
You brighten up the mornings of my life,
Brighter than the sun itself, our shining star.

Your gentle heart warms all who know you,
Your smile, ignites the flames of love within,
Your eyes reflect God's love, so very precious,
To count your many qualities, I can't begin,

You brought to me, though-out my life, a Blessing,
A Gift from God above, I can't ignore.
You even brought me to His Cross, confessing,
My Lord and Savior, whom I now adore.

Through your green eyes, I see God's Love-light shining,
Wrapped in your arms, I feel safe and secure.
You are my child, my soul, with yours, defining
Your Preciousness; that I just adore.

Written for Siggy
and her lovely 'Jewel'

September 22, 2006


Thank You so much for this
beautiful poem. It comes from the
heart of a Mom ~ That's the only
way you could know those feelings.
I love you my most gracious friend.
You too, are a very rare 'Jewel', and
an example of what friendship means.
















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