They're closing our old high school, the last homecoming game's tonight
What will happen to our football field, no more rah rah rah, fight fight fight
The marching band will proudly, sadly, take one last trip around the field
Calling this progress and a change for the best, but a way of life must yield

No more marching bands parading through the streets of our little town
Our school emblem, The Flying Eagle, will for the last time be taken down
Across the years, the memories of bon fires and school dances softly cries
Soon silence, the only monument to a great school spirit, here forever lies

Will ghosts of beloved teachers of the past walk these empty halls in wonder
At the absence of all the laughter and hundreds of feet in enthusiastic thunder
This years class picture will be the last one on these walls that will ever be hung
And the closing graduation anthem will be the last school song ever sung

So sad, the great lights on the fields of contest will never again brightly glow
Nor fans sleeping on the gym floor at a basketball game because of blizzard snow
This, an end of our school history, after one hundred years they will close its door
And so the brave heart of our little town falls silent and will beat never more

Roger Eugene Corell
September 29, 2006

Written for all the Alumni and for the last graduating class of
Nora Springs-Rock Falls High School, Nora Springs, Iowa.
My hometown and my school, graduating from there in 1959.



Scripture from Proverbs 22: 28
Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set.











Song "Last Date"
Sequenced By Don Carroll
From Jack's Midi Music



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