I hope you slept well and your dreams were kind.
I hope your day leads to happiness filled with sunshine.
But most of all I wish for you a day that is like none other
Where love goes before you, making peace with all others.

I hope that if you're uncertain in these troubled times
That you will cleave to this truth that's yours and mine.
Don't focus on the storm but rather the one who can calm
The person within you, in life's situations gone wrong.

While we live here on uncertain ground
Many things will happen that are profound.
Sometimes we won't have any control at all
Realizing how helpless we are, after all.

Unless we have found a mighty love
Who watches out for us from heaven above
With angels that are quick to arrive
In a moments notice should disaster strike.

Even though we may feel hopeless and weak.
God provides strength in moments of need.
If all else fails us ~ here on earth
We have God and His faithful words.

Good morning world, it's a new day.
Look to the good things and appreciate.
If you seek what is good, than that you will find
Dwelling on what's wrong can depress one's mind.

While things may not be perfect as we may wish,
Our Father has not left us alone to face all this.
So don't look down when you should look up
He will strengthen you by His powerful touch.

If God be for us what have we to lose
But pride, greed, hate and wrong views.
Considering how little He asks of us
How can we refuse such a unique love.

Good morning world, it's a new day.
Let your heart shine whether cloudy or grey.
Be kind to others and make them feel
Loved, accepted, and always peaceful.

Have a wonderful day the whole day through.
Come night, give thanks for God's favor upon you
As you reached out to help lift up another
It will lift you as well, blessing you forever.

 Jasy ©

Scripture From:
Galatians 6: 2

Bear ye one another's burdens,
and so fulfil the law of Christ.










Music by Margi Harrell


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