For You, Sandy

There are many things in life we'll never understand
Why bad things happen to those holding God's hand.
For some reason we are not able in this lifetime to see
This greater purpose yet determined to be.

It puzzles the mind and tears at our hearts.
Why life is unkind - leaving us confused in the dark.
Didn't we lift our prayers offered in faith
When God heard our plea in His heavenly place?

Why are so many carrying crosses that bare such pain?
Are they like Job and their faith always remains?
Through sickness and disaster they press into Him more
Knowing God is with them and His will they implore.

At times our cross is light, sometimes it bares so heavy.
We pray to be spared but He keeps us going and steady.
I wish in this world there was no sickness and pain
But since it does -- may we cleave unto His Name.

Please help us Savior God - Let our lives be ever true.
May we come to accept Your will for it's purpose due.
We ask not for our will be done but rather seek Thine
And in doing so we can reach the purpose You hold Devine.

Your spirit is definitely like that of Job.
He pressed into God when life tested him so.
Don't ever give up and don't ever give in
Let not the robber of life - your spirit win.

Rejoice in the victory that is yours
Abiding in Him, the One you adore.
Let not the depths of sickness or life defeat
The oneness in God that makes you complete.

There are many things we'll never understand
Why bad things happen to us and others on the land.
One thing we know, His Love is enough to see us through
Always and forever *Greater is He - that is in *YOU.

My love and prayers for you Sandy ... My love , Jasy

Scripture: Proverbs 17: 17

A friend loveth at all times


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