Hello and Welcome to our Shower

~For James~

We are so glad you could come,
And join in our celebration!
God is so good to us ~ He's giving
James, as His perfect creation!

He will be a real cowboy!
Texas born and bred he'll be.
He'll put all other cowboys
To shame ~ you'll see!

We couldn't be happier,
And can hardly wait to see,
Our little James ~ cause he will bring
To our hearts, and lives ~ much glee!

So 'Thank You' for your gift,
That you have brought with you
But most of all we ~ 'Thank You' ~
For your prayers ~ they'll see us through!


Written with Love and dedication to
~Rose ~ and her sweet family!
~ For James ~
Thank you for allowing me this honor!

1 Corinthians 13:8
Love never fails.




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