Silver and Gold and Thee

Sitting in the barnyard,
Listening to the rooster crow,
Looking at the garden,
Hoping it will grow.

Hens are scratching,
Looking for something to eat,
Hogs are wallowing in mire,
They’ll make some fine meat.

Cows stopping to chew their cud,
While grazing in the field,
The calves are feeling frisky,
In this early morning, chill.

The colts are lying around,
The horse is munching on hay,
Filling his belly in preparation,
There’s a field to plow today.

I’ll go see if I can gather,
A few eggs from the nest,
Littered with feathers from the hens,
Sitting, as though, at rest.

An old setting hen squawks,
When her nest I pass, near,
She will fly into a rage,
If I stop and tarry here.

The old yeller dog comes yapping,
To greet me this early morn,
‘Tis something he has done,
Since that ole dog was born.

Gayle Davis

Scripture From: Genesis 1

And God created every winged
fowl and his kind And God said,
Let the earth bring forth the
living creature after his kind,
and God saw that it was good


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