He's raising his children all alone.
Mommy's gone to her heavenly home.
Leaving burden's and broken hearts,
But while here, much love she did impart!
Leaving a legacy untold.
Her life an example as it did unfold.
Short though it was on this earth.
It was filled with much love and mirth.

He faces life without her,
And all the challenges that will incur.
With his children so very small.
He'll forever be on call.
Jesus will be his Hiding Place.
He will extend His Amazing Grace.
Be there for his every need,
And be his Friend Indeed.

He'll hear him before he calls.
Give him strength when he seems to fall.
Open the doors of healing faith,
A haven of rest where he will be safe.
2005 October 10


 I would like to dedicate this poem
to you young Dad's who are raising
your children alone.
May Jesus be your "Hiding Place."

Happy Father's Day!

Scripture from Isaiah 65

  And it shall come to pass, that before
they call, I will answer; and while they
are yet speaking, I will hear.

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