I sit on my back porch sometimes,
Especially in the fall of the year.
Looking out across the fields
And forests, that are so dear.

Memories flood my mind
Of days so long ago.
It seems I can see all of you
As I let the memories flow.

My precious husband of many years,
You've gone on to be with our Lord.
I know in my heart that you knew,
Just how much you were adored.

Many walks we shared together,
On the paths through the woods.
We fished from the banks of the river,
Yes, times back then were so good.

I think of the year that you built
The little bridge for Clay and Jill.
How thrilled they were to have it,
When they're home, they enjoy it still.

Some days I sit here in this chair,
And dream for hours on end.
You come to my mind more often,
As the fall of the year begins.

My life is in this season,
I've come to the autumn years.
I stand at the door of fulfillment,
Looking back over life without fear.

Monday ~ September 19, 2005

Hallelujah, Praises for Jesus my God.
The One called The Great, I Am!
It is You in whom I trust!

Scripture From: Exodus and John

Exodus 3:14 -
And God said unto Moses,


John 8:58 -
Jesus said unto them, Verily, verily,
I say unto you, Before Abraham was,

~ I AM.~



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