Scripture From: Psalms~140

O God the Lord, the strength of
my salvation, thou hast covered
my head in the day of battle.
Grant not, O Lord, the desires of
the wicked: further not his wicked
device; lest they exalt themselves.


A Tribute To All Veterans

It was not so all long ago,

That thirteen States did make a choice,

They’d fly a flag of their very own,

And our freedom’s had a voice

That flag flies on so freely now,

Wherever I may see,

There are thirteen stripes and fifty stars,

That spell my freedoms out for me.

So as I watch that flag just fly,

And flutter in the trees,

I also see the eagle high,

Just soaring in the breeze.

For they are the
very symbols,

Of the veterans from years gone by,

Those that fought so long ago,

And those that do now cry.

It matters not when they did so,

For they chose to do what’s right,

To give for freedoms I enjoy,

And always fight the fight.

Some had gone to the Western front,

In Europe long ago,

But they had to stop that evil,

That was again on show,

They said that it was to be,

The war to end all wars,

But sadly we came to see,

Their sons would fight once more.

And once again we conquered,

And peace again did reign,

But before so many years had passed,

Their grandsons would fight again.

And it seems to be back were we had started,

As we again see our military,

Fighting for our those freedoms,

So I can still be free.

It matters not the age of man,

For they are all veterans,

They fought the battles of their time,

And won them once again.

So if you see a veteran,

Whoever he may be,

Take a few moments of your time,

And say, “Thanks for what you did for me.”

Now on this one Veterans Day.

A day we set aside,

Recall all those who’ve served and gave,

To their country with much pride.

And sadly we do realize,

That this is not the end,

For more evil still lives around,

And more young will be veterans.

Veterans Day is here again,

So cheer the veterans as they meet,

And think of those that are not there,

So they can no longer greet.

Yes, fly your flags so proudly,

But remember while you can,

That this is just a special day,

For all those who are veterans.

~Dedicated to all veterans~
Men and Women
who have served
and are serving.

~Author ~
Dark Blue Knight
©Copyright 14th October 2005
All Rights Reserved


Written especially for
“Silver And Gold And Thee”
Web Site, by Dark Blue Knight.

Not to be reproduced
without written permission
from both the Author
(Dark Blue Knight)
and the Owner of this Web Site.

Thank you Eddie for this very special
Tribute, in honor of our Veterans!
It is an honor to place it on this site!







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