Musical notes floating through the air
Making beautiful melodies everywhere.
High notes, low notes, happy and sad
Graceful and flowing o'er the keypad.

Passion is how I describe music for me,
As long as I can live, it will always be
Impressed within my heart to stay.
My favourite thing in the world to do, is play.

The ivories are so rich, with sounds beyond compare.
They feel attached to my fingers there.
Running up and down the scales, flowing like a stream
Are tunes that trickle through my mind as dreams.

When you gently roll an octave across the board
The parts all work in harmony to make a chord.
The strings inside are perfectly tuned to key
When hammers hit the velvet bars perfectly.

A masterpiece that was made by man's hands
The most beautiful instrument in the band.
Of course I'm highly prejudice for the perfect array
Of strings and metal and ivory, stricking hammers this way.

So versatile and quite loved by not only me.
I thank God for giving the ability to me
To touch the right keys, and give me ear
To play melodies that I hear.

©Shirley Barr

Psalms 150: 4
Praise him with the timbrel and dance: praise
him with stringed instruments and organs.


Prayer Requests

A Composition by Yuko Ohigashi
~First Dance~
With Permission.


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