Morning shadows softly lay
As I look out upon the day
Dew drops drip from the leaves
On the old Elm tree

Underneath my horses graze
Content in the cool of the day
Foals friskily playing around
As they dance with a delightful sound

Soon the sun will rise in the sky
And they won't be quite so spry
Down to the pond they will run
Aware of the hot noonday sun

Nightfall finds them once again
In the meadow where they began
It falls gently at the end of the day
As they await the shadows to lay

As my eyes behold the wonder
Thoughts in my mind do ponder
The delights of Your creation
That only You could fashion

The gifts You have given me
Just to make my life happy
My heart is thankful above all
As the morning shadows softly fall


Scripture: Psalm 94: 19

In the multitude of my thoughts
within me thy comforts delight my soul.

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