A Moment Of Time



I've  Been

Thinking about time, and moments
As it seems they really do fly
Everything we do is moment by moment
Decisions we make, as time goes by

Signing a marriage license
Promising to love till the end
In a moment of time
A life together would begin

A divorce is the same
A decision was made to part
Unwise in their choice
Ending before it could start

Bringing a new life into the world
A decision and choice was made
In a moment of time
The choices would be weighed

God spoke, and our world was made
It was void, and lay without form
In a moment of time
It was transformed

In a moment, God did come
In the form of a man
So we can have eternal life
By being born again

At the appointed moment
Our Saviour was born
In a lowly manger
To a world filled with scorn

If you haven't accepted Jesus death
As payment for your sin
You will not go to heaven
No, you won't enter therein

In a moment of time
It's a decision one makes
To have eternal life in Christ
Of His Love to partake


Scripture from: John 3

Jesus answered and said unto him,
Verily, verily, I say unto thee,
Except a man be born again,
he cannot see the kingdom of God.

Scripture from: 1 Corinthians 15

Behold, I shew you a mystery;
We shall not all sleep, but we
shall all be changed,

In a moment, in the twinkling
of an eye, at the last trump:
for the trumpet shall sound,
and the dead shall be raised
incorruptible, and we shall
be changed.

This poem was inspired by one of
my dearest friends, Mary Tindall
Thank you Mary.






Song "Breath of Air"
From Jack's Midi's
Used With Permission

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