Happy Birthday Norbert

Trying to find the right words to say
Is very hard on your Birthday.
You are such a gentleman and friend
If I search my heart where do I begin?

Ever since I first met you
It seems so long ago.
And you have been my lifeline Norbert
Down here on earth below.

You have never seen the tears I have cried
And you have never felt my pain.
But yet you have made a difference friend
Time and time again.

Those beautiful emails you sent to me,
Have helped me make it through the days
When my body was crying out in pain
The hugs would come my way.

You made me smile when no one else could,
And you will never really know.
The joy it is to have you as my friend
You always bless my heart and soul.

So this is why I can say to you Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to you Precious Friend,
And may God give to you, blessings galore
My Dearest and Precious Friend.

Written by Ann Hart
February 17, 2006
For my
Dearest and Precious Friend Norbert
AKA Sweetpea.
God bless you my Angel!


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