Grandma's Sewing Machine

Grandmother was handy
With a needle and thread,
But oh how much faster,
When her feet she could tread!

With feed and flour sacks
She did make,
Our wardrobes so beautifully
Without a mistake.

Her old treadle sewing machine
Was her pride and joy.
Always a smile on her face.
Sewing was a pleasure she did enjoy.

Uncle's, Aunt's, cousin's,
And her friends too,
All did benefit from her talent,
And all gave her a big, Thank You!

She never turned down a favor,
Of anyone who asked her to sew.
Even wedding dresses
Would set her eyes aglow.

She also used the top of it
For her reading desk.
Her Bible opened before her,
When she would need to rest.

Grandmother's old sewing machine
Now sits in the corner over there.
Each time I walk by I can just see her,
Sitting there sewing, reading, or in prayer..












Song "Eagle When She Flies"
Sequenced by Pete Wolmarans
From RJ's Midi and Wav's

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