The Dream

I dreamed I was far above the earth, in the blackest night.
But, I looked down to see something beautiful.
Even though it was not the season for deciduous trees,
There it stood; bare, but beautiful.

I was drawn closer.
Every branch was perfect.
Names were engraved on the limbs.
They were names I knew.


Then, a bright light, like a laser began
To cut a name at the base of the tree.
The laser was so bright I could hardly look.
And the name it cut was golden, and I
had seen the name many times before ~
Exactly like this.

When I looked again at the branches,
Poems, essays, devotionals of all kinds were on
The branches with the author's names.

Then, the laser appeared to go into the trunk of the tree.
The whole tree began to glow, amber and gold,
Shimmering in it's beauty.
I couldn't take my eyes off of the tree.

The laser suddenly shot out of the top of the tree,
Almost like a rocket.
I watched as it went deeper and deeper into the space above.
I watched until it reached infinity.

A clear crystal dome came down then,
Covering the entire tree.
All the names and the articles showed through perfectly.
A scene of great beauty that made my throat catch.

At the base, I read again,



If you are a writer of essays, poems, sermons, songs,
devotionals for the cause of Christ, if you sing His
song, or teach His Word, if you paint His pictures,
do graphics, testify, feed the hungry, work with the
disabled, the babies in Christ, please, in your mind's
eye, see: YOUR name at the base of the tree, YOUR
writings with YOUR name on the branches."

The Crystal Clear Dome Covering is the Lord Jesus Christ,
shielding and protecting.


Acts 2:17
"Your young men shall see visions
and your old men shall dream dreams.."

2006 by Gary Dale Costner

You may share this Dream (or vision)  in its entirety,
with credits in tact, for non-profit ministering purposes.


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