Listen up friends I have a story to tell
About a little lady that I know very well.
She was born in the country, near New Mexico
Where her Pa and Grandpa would plow and hoe.

Her Pa and Grandpa, worked and farmed the land,
And when she came along, they struck up the band.
She turned out to be the only child her mama had,
They were so proud, even though she wasn't a lad.

It seems they felt the urge to move away from there
So when she was only six months, they moved out where
The buffalo roam and the skies are not cloudy all day.
She grew up in Texas, a country girl who later moved away.

Now she's all grown up with a daughter of her own,
She thinks about those days she spent where the cattle roam.
But now she lives farther west, California, don't you know
And she's still a country girl and proud to tell you so.

She's done her share of work from tilling to selling,
And now she is very content to be where she's dwelling.
Her family all near there, since Mom and Dad passed on.
Her daughter and her other half, live right near their home.

Julie is her daughters name and as she says, best friend,
Who has a child of her own, a son, named....BEN?
No that's not exactly so, but, hey I needed a rhyme.
His name is really Jess, and they all have a swell time.

But wait, there's another member to this family, Jess' bride,
And she is loved by every one and they are filled with pride.
Are you wondering when this ends?, I'm getting to that part,
This country girl, I talk about, has won another heart.

Although we've never met each other, face to face
I can tell you this country girl, has filled a place.
A place inside this heart of mine, that is almost over run
Because she is such a dear and we have so much fun.

We pray together every day through the waves of the air,
And we are so blessed to be a part of showing that we care.
For all the sick and needy souls that we come across each day
We thank Our Lord, Jesus Christ that He gives us strength to pray.

That was the last verse almost a year ago,
But this friend I call Siggy now, has really been on the go.
She has built two beautiful homes for all to see,
Beauty, inspiration, poems, music and prayer there be.

Since we met a year ago, we have blended very well
Anyone who knows us can see, we get along just swell.
Encouragement and love to me she daily gives,
And we do our best to spread the word that JESUS LIVES !

Even though she is a country girl, she has sophistication too,
Just visit her beautiful websites and it will come in view.
She has a heart that's made of gold, and always a happy face
And gives her friends such love and care that cannot be erased.

Written by Shirley Barr
Originally on March 5, 2004
Revised this Lord's Day February 13, 2005

Scripture: John 3:3
Jesus answered and said, "Verily, verily, I say unto thee,
Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.
John 5:24 God is a spirit; and they that worship Him must worship
Him in Spirit and in truth.

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