Papa's field stand unplowed now,

no signs of farming here anymore,

his plow is sitting in the barn

rusty, not bright red as it was before.

Mama's dinner bell still hangs high,

time has silenced the welcome rings.

Standing silently, I remember the

happiness it's sound used to bring.

The windmill isn't needed anymore,

just a memory of a bygone day.

A barn once standing proud and tall,

now crumbling in nature's decay.

Back down the old clay road,

I stop to wipe my tears away.

I see the sunset in the western sky,

morning sunrise will start a new day.

~ A new beginning. ~

Ralph L. Clark © 2005
All Rights Reserved

Psalm 25: 6

Remember, O Lord, thy tender

mercies and thy loving kindnesses;

for they have been ever of old.

This poem is used with Ralph's
permission. Please respect the
copyright and contact him if
you wish to use it!



Jack Hall
With Permission


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