Sitting here on my lonesome,
In my seat upon my hearth,
When I listen in the distance,
Some wheels upon the path

Hear those wheels now turning,
As they move along the road,
Wonder where theyíre going,
And wonder at their load.

I pray the wheels I hear turning,
Along the road of stone,
Are heading for my household,
And Iíll no longer be alone.

I can no longer sit here,
Move across to my window,
Stare out across the courtyard,
At the archway down below.

Then I see the horses,
As they reach the open gate,
See their heads move backwards,
And their pace it does abate.

See you step so lightly,
From the coach that is behind,
All thoughts come rushing to me,
And clouding up my mind.

My darling I do love you,
And watch you on those stones,
The ones that do lead to me,
And know Iíll never be alone.

You have come back to me,
Itís our future that I see,
That arrived on my cobbled pathway,
And showed my destiny.

Copyright Dark Blue Knight
~ Eddie ~
© July 26, 2006
All Rights Reserved

Written for this page.

Eddie's Website

Scripture ~ Matthew 19:6

So then, they are no longer two but
one flesh. Therefore what God has
joined together, let not man separate.


Song "Nightfall"
From Bonita's Midi Sampler
Used With Permission


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