Always and forever you’re the glow,
The magic in love turned on bright,
The reflection of stars sparkling gleams,
You’re the dream come true in the night.

For me you’re the only one in life,
You look at me and breathe a sigh,
And smile as the sun sets on your face,
Your eyes light up the evening sky.

We're meant to be together because,
Our love's so like a sunset's blaze,
Beautiful and intensely fervent,
Forever I'll love you always.

The radiant glory above us,
Moves cross the heavens end to end,
Where God placed it living silently,
With messages of love that wend.

You’re the warmth the heat and joy in love,
Much more desirable than gold,
Nothing can keep me away from you,
You’re always in my heart to hold.

We’re continually together,
You’re the vision of love falling,
In my heart moment after moment,
You’re my love forever calling.

Always and forever you’re the glow,
The magic of love day and night,
Burning in the moon and beaming sun,
You’re the dream come true in my sight.

©Sondra McPherson
27 September 2006

Scripture from Mark 10: 9

What therefore God hath joined
together, let not man put asunder.

This poem is used with Sondra's permission.
Please respect the copyright and contact
her if you wish to use it!




Song "Always and Forever"
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