Love And The Sea

They met one bright sunny day,
That's when he stole her heart away.
Her first real love at last,
A spell upon her soul was cast.

Along the shore they'd stroll,
As they dreamed of growing old,
Always together they would be,
Embraced by their love and the sea.

The sound of the sea would call,
And their hearts with joy enthrall.
Their favorite place to meet and woo,
Sharing their thoughts and yearnings too.

Soon the ringing of wedding bells sound,
From the little chapel in their town.
In wedded bliss they would remain,
As their love and trust they exchanged.

They sailed away on the sea they adored,
To visit many foreign shores.
So in love, and devoted to each other,
Enjoying the cruise and being together.

Alas, one dark and starless night,
A storm was brewing in their sight.
Tossing the ship with bellowing waves,
The angry sea charged and raved.

Her shining knight left her side,
To go against the rolling tide.
She begged and demanded in fear,
As he went up top to help steer.

Then his fate was sealed forever,
As he and the sea joined together.
His life he lost in a gallant feat,
Trying to make their voyage complete.

So now every year on that day,
She boards the vessel that took him away;
In hopes that somehow he would appear,
Her lover, soul mate, and companion dear.

The sea they both loved and embraced,
Had swallowed him without a trace.
Her heart forever broken in twain,
With only her memories of love that remained.

Shy Barr
ŠApril 16, 2006

~ Shy's Website ~

Scripture From:

Song Of Solomon 8: 7

Many waters cannot quench
love, neither can the floods
drown it:


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