Footprints On The Sand

We strolled along,
Both hand in hand,
Leaving our footprints,
Upon the sand.

The water's edge,
Did touch our feet,
On that first day,
That we did meet.

Beneath the sun,
Upon that shore,
I pledged my love,
For evermore.

As I look back,
Along that beach,
I saw how far,
Those steps did reach.

The sea began,
To ebb and flow,
As I then watched,
Those footsteps go.

Out to the sea,
Those steps then went,
But I know our love,
Was not yet spent.

For we had many steps,
Still left in store,
Just walk on further,
And leave some more.

No matter how long,
Those waters flow,
We will leave steps,
Where e're we go.

So when you meet,
Know just where you stand,
And be sure you leave,
Some footprints in the sand.

Dark Blue Knight
©Copyright 10th June 2005
All Rights Reserved©

Scripture From Matthew 19

Wherefore they are no
more twain, but one flesh.
What therefore God hath
joined together, let not
man put asunder.


This poem is used with Eddie's
permission. Please respect the
copyright and contact him if
you wish to use it!

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Midi: "Evergreen"
Sequenced By:
Don Carroll
Midi Stuido Consortium
Used With Permision


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