I'm just one little angel
Adrift in the wind
Looking for someone in need
And blessings to extend

I try to help the ones I can
And be there by their side
So on the breeze that you may feel
Often in it I may arrive

I try to mend the broken hearts
And comfort all in need
And do the bidding of the Father
Go where ever He may lead

I always do my very best,
Yet I am so very small
I was given powers from the Lord
To watch after those in need,
... always being on call ...

I cannot be everywhere, you know
There are many from where I came
To heal the broken hearted
And to comfort all the same.

So if you feel a little breeze
And hear a faint music sound
Don't be alarmed it's only me
So glad it's you that I have found.

I saw the tears upon your cheek
And heard your muffled cry
I'm here to mend and comfort you
I'd really like to try.

© April 10, 2006


Scripture from Hebrews 13

Let brotherly love continue.
Be not forgetful to entertain
strangers: for thereby some
have entertained angels unawares.

This poem is used with Andrea's
permission. Please respect the
copyright and contact her if
you wish to use it!





Music: "Angels Watching Over Me"


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