The woman was from Samaria,
She was well known by good towns women,
Just an outcast shunned when coming near,
And held in disgrace living in sin.

She needed to take her water jar,
To the well and fill without meeting,
So she went at the hottest hour,
To avoid their unkindest greeting.

Jesus was sitting there passing through,
Weary and resting while on His way,
The woman came drawing up water,
When she met her Messiah that day.

Jesus spoke asking her for a drink,
She said others speak not but condemn,
Jesus said, "If you knew of God’s gift,
Who’s asking, you would instead ask Him."

"All who drink your water thirst again,
The water I give will be a spring,
Living water will be welling up,
Into everlasting life I bring."

I know of the Christ, the Messiah,
The Anointed One that's from Above,
He will know me, everything I've done,
The Savior of the world that is Love.

Then Jesus revealed Himself to her,
"I that speak unto you now am He,"
And she drank from His cup of water,
His living water that set her free.

She ran to tell the towns people then,
The same ones who deemed her a disgrace,
Excited she proclaimed Jesus’ love,
She was but a sinner saved by grace.

The people responded eagerly,
Yet the Good News of Jesus Christ first,
Was voiced by the woman at the well,
That drank firstly, never more to thirst.

©Sondra McPherson
08 October 2006

This poem is used with Sondra's permission.
Please respect the copyright and contact
her if you wish to use it!



Song: "Sinner Saved By Grace"
Sequenced by: David Larch

David's Southern Gospel
Used With Permission




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