Let's Talk About Jesus

Who took the sin of all ~ while on the tree
It was the only way to set us free
The story's been told so many times
Yet there's still many who're blind

They don't want any part of You
Knowing not ~ who they pursue
How much longer will You delay
As lost souls keep turning away?

I believe You're coming back soon
It may be morning ~ night, or noon
A sign will appear in the Eastern sky
We'll see You coming from on High

You'll send angels with a trumpet sound
To gather the elect from all around
Heaven and earth shall pass away
But Your words are here to stay

You didn't tell us the hour or the day
You said we're to stay alert and pray
And stay away from the evil one
To trust You ~ the Holy Son


Scripture ~ 1 John

He that loveth his brother abideth in
the light, and there is none occasion of
stumbling in him.









Music: "Seek Ye First The Kingdom Of God"
Courtesy of Fred


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