As the sun rises in the east
A new day dawns for me to see.
Thank You Lord for this day
A clean slate, for me to make.

This day is mine!
I will rise above my ill's and shine.
Your Love I shall declare
There's none like it , to compare.
I'm so happy this day is mine,
To use and design!
To be happy and complete,
Or to be sad and except defeat.

Which I refuse to do,
Because my eyes are fixed on You!
You set before me an open door
To go through and explore.
I can't wait to get under way,
To start my journey through this day.
Positive thinking will be my guide,
Along with faith that I have inside.

 As the sun sets in the west
This day I've been so blest
The wonders You've shown to me
Have lead me back to Calvary!

Shirley and Melva © 2005
shy and siggy







Song: "It Is Well"
Redsal's Midi's

Sal Grippaldi, Redsal©
Sequenced by Redsal
Musician,Composer,Digital, Sequencer
Used With Permission


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