Nancy has written this poem from her own personal experience...
Below is what she has to say about it...


I want others to know that the Lord is with us no matter what we go through.
I am ready to die and I am not scared. If He wants me I want to go with dignity
and pride. Both of my parents had so much dignity and both had an awful painful death.

The Lord has blessed me with so much, A loving husband, Daughter, Granddaughter,
and 3 other sisters I am close to. My friends in my life have been overwhelming as
well as the ones on the internet and all the groups I am in.


Thank you Nancy for sharing with us, and thank you for touching our
  hearts with your integrity and courage, and most of all, your faith in Jesus...


Please lets join together and ask God to give Nancy a miracle,
and heal her of this disease...


"My Prayer"

One day, I knew I was in trouble
And everything wasn't exactly right.
I prayed to God, to be with me ~
As I began to fight.

The news came loud and clear
That I might have that dreaded
Disease called 'CANCER'.

"Oh, God, help me to face this
With dignity and pride."
I was so emotionally overcome, and
Had to let go and put all my fears aside.

Blurred memories clouded my mind
And I knew Jesus would lead the way.
For, I knew He was in my heart;
Forever to stay.

Anger crept up and it left me wondering,
"Where, What, How, What did I do wrong?"
There had to be a mistake on the test, for I was
Walking with Jesus and singing a bright new song.

A spirit of calm came before I had surgery
And, deep inside, I accepted what was to be;
No more of Nancy ...
Just Jesus, now, instead of me.

A different life style I had to walk;
No more lip service or words,
And a lot of talk.

Jesus came to set me free and, now, reality ~
To do for Him was a mission I promised to live.
One hundred percent of me is all
I offered and had to give.

It's so difficult to explain
To your family and friends;
A brand new life is what I have
As I recover and mend.

Each day, I must face it as if it were my last;
Forgetting all wordily things of the past.
The world looks brighter and I'm not longer
Looking through a mirror or looking glass.

I'm facing each challenge that's
Come before me, in a different way,
Knowing that my cancer will not take away my spirit.
For, I'm living life to the fullest, each and everyday.

My prayer is, now, for a cure for this dreaded illness
That takes over your body with ravishing pain.
Let us live a fruitful life as long
As, on this earth, we remain.

The end comes too soon
For our little ones, and suffer they do.
Prayer is all I have to rely on,
As the Lord will see me through.

My Prayer is ~ rather me, than
Any of my family ~ and all of you.

Written By Nancy Hoback
© July 4, 2006

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