My Testimony

Like so many others, I was raised in a Christian home
and taught of God and his wonderful gift of salvation
from an early age. I knew Jesus died for my sins
and for the sins of the world.

At the age of ten, I had the opportunity to attend a
Christian Church Camp. It was at that time that I came
to the full realization that I was a sinner, lost and
undone without a savior, and asked Jesus to come into my
heart and forgive me of my sin. I know that at that very
moment I became a born again believer. As any new baby
Christian, I had to grow. And, for a few years I did grow.

But as so often happens when one receives Christ at such
a young age, the ways of the world drew me away and
gradually I moved away from Jesus...Thank the Lord, He
never moved from me nor did He give up on me. God was
faithful to keep me in his loving care and watchful eye and
gave me a second chance. Praise God for second chances!

I had a close friend I had attended Church with during
our earlier years. She had married an unsaved young man.
For several years she prayed for his salvation. This man
eventually received Christ as his personal Savior and was
called into the ministry. She then began to pray for my
return to the Lord. She invited me to their Church, but
I always had excuses for not going. But she refused to
take no for an answer. Her prayers were soon answered.

On a Sunday morning in October of 1984, I listened to my
friend and pastor teaching on the prodigal son. I knew
that God had sent that message that day specifically for me.
My heart felt as if it would jump right out of my chest.

I just couldn't wait for the end of the sermon to slip out of
my seat and walk down that aisle to ask Gods forgiveness
and give total control back to the one who loves me and wants
only good things for my life. That was the best decision I
have ever made. I soon realized that the things of the world
meant little without Christ in my life. God has forgiven me,
directed my path, healed and blessed me in so many ways.

My husband and I have raised three wonderful children and
have been blessed with nine grandchildren. One of which is
now a minister. You see, God not only had a plan for my life,
but for my whole family. He will fulfill that plan in his
timing if we are willing to allow him to. He is a gentleman,
and will not force himself on anyone. But He can sure move
mountains if we allow him to.

Is my life perfect? It's perfected only through Christ. I
still face trials, tests and temptations. God never promised
that these things would never come our way once we accept
Jesus. But He did promise to walk with us through them and
He will make a way of escape for the temptations. He has met
my needs and has given his word filled with promises if I
will take them as my own and stand on them. My hope lies in
Jesus Christ and his precious gift of eternal life.
Thank You Jesus!

© Marie Williams



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