Oh, it's a world of darkness,
That fills my very mind,
So I will just pray for you,
That you let Your light just shine.

For without Your light to guide me,
Through the darkest of the days,
I'll stumble around in circles,
With nothing to show the way.

There is so much around me,
And I must think so deep,
Who it is I am to follow,
If my soul I want to keep?

But I cannot do it lonesome,
And perhaps there isn't time,
So please once again I ask You,
To let Your light just shine.

At least that will give me guidance,
And a direction just to follow,
For as I move towards that light,
I'll know that's where to go.

Sometimes I might turn corners,
And see naught but just the dark,
At times like that I ask You,
To somehow leave a mark.

Turn me back in the right direction,
And make me one of Thine,
For it will be that little easier,
If you let Your light just shine.

I'll keep my eyes wide open,
And look for that guiding light,
For if I allow it just to lead me,
I know I'll do what's right.

So no matter what others may think,
I'll have you in my heart at the same time,
And I'll know that just forever,
It's because You did let Your light just shine.

© Copyright
Dark Blue Knight
15th December 2005
All Rights Reserved


Scripture: John 1 Verse 5
"And the light shine the in darkness;........."

This poem is used with Eddie's
permission. Please respect the
copyright and contact her if
you wish to use it!




Song: "You Opened My Eyes"
From Songs of Praise
By: By Elton Smith, Larry Holder and Steve Israel


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