Heavenly Father in Jesus Name,
Quicken unto me more of your Life,
I'm in dire need so much of the same,
Fill me with more of You, relieve strife.

Oh I thank You for giving me peace,
I feel your loving Presence near me,
The chaos and storms decrease and cease,
Wonderful how Your Love sets me free!

I'm forever in Your Hands of Love,
Your preciousness I ever treasure,
You're my happiness, I'm Yours Above,
Oh I'll always be for Your pleasure!

Topsy turvy winds have now blown 'way,
All confusion has dissipated,
No more's disorder or disarray,
Wonderful Lord, my joy's elated!

Heavenly Father in Jesus' Name,
Thank You for embracing my flaw,
Your Love's greater than all can proclaim,
Forever I'm amazed and in awe!

ŠSondra McPherson
July 25, 2004

Scripture: John 3:16

For God so loved the world, that he
gave his only begotten Son, that
whosoever believeth in him should not
perish, but have everlasting life.

This is used with Sondra's permission.
Please respect the copyright and contact
her if you wish to use it!


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