I am the Alpha and the Omega
The beginning and the end
I am the Great I Am
I'm God's Son He did send

I bring to you eternal life
If you will believe in Me
Cause I am He who died
Upon Calvary's Tree

At that time
Your sin's were put on me
I did it just for YOU
So you could enter into eternity

I am softly calling
Hear the Spirit's woo
Open the door to your heart
As I am asking you too

Come to Me my child
Believe that I am He
Who loves you enough
To take your sin's at Calvary

I'll set you free
Give you a brand new start
A clean slate to write on
If you'll only open your heart

I stand at the door
Waiting for you to let me in
As soon as you say "Come ~ enter"
Eternal life with Me begins

....Hear the Spirit's call....

2007 16 February

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Song:  "Only Believe" Courtesy of Rose's Front Porch Gospel Midi's


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